The Man with the Pointed Toes

SYNOPSIS: Tom won a ranch in a poker game, and subsequently struck oil on it. Now he’s a millionaire and is pursued by Pamela a coquettish golddigger and daughter of Tom’s CPA Randall. When Pamela goes back to New York for the summer, Tom hopes to improve himself enough to impress her. So in the tradition of “My Fair Lady”  Tom hires a librarian-ish tutor named Florence to teach him to be more cultured, to say “get” instead of “git,” and to stop slurping his soup. Florence will also try to manner up  Tom’s unruly ranch hands, Hank and Lem to great comic effect while Tom’s foreman Link is a key player in Tom’s plan.  Jose, the ranch’s Mexican cook is quite hilarious in his own right. A romantic comedy of sorts, “The Man with the Pointed Toes” is a sweet, appealing show that despite prompting bursts of laughter, feels honest and real.