How do I create my online profile?
Simply visit and click on the register now button to create your account. After verifying your email address, you may log in and upload your headshot, resume, complete your personal information and register for a specific audition. All performers will need to have an online profile before they will be seen. SGMT will provide help at the auditions too.

Who do I ask for help?
If you need help please send an email to


A powerhouse, heartwarming musical about redemption, forgiveness, friendship and love.

PERCY TALBOT – 20-30’S –  Pretty, if a bit rough edged, her face declares the strength of her youth and a sadness beyond her years. Southern Appalachian cadence. Strong folk/country belt to “D” some head voice required.

HANNAH FERGUSON – 60-70’S – A tough-skinned and flinty old bird with a short, no-nonsense manner bordering on the bitter. Mezzo/alto chest range.

SHELBY THORPE – 20 -30’S – A sweet, plain, soft-face creature with a shy almost ethereal manner. Shimmering folk soprano with a high belt to a “D”

CALEB THORPE – 30 – 40’s – Out-of-work foreman of the stone quarry. Frustrated working man clinging to the past. Solid folk/rock voice with an edge (Top “G”)

SHERIFF JOE SUTTER – 20 -30’S A young small-town policeman with an appealing intensity and a restless nature. Strong folk/rock tenor to a “G” touches an “A”

EFFY KRAYNECK – 40-50’S – Postmistress and town busybody, a woman with narrow eyes and a sour tongue. Solid singer in mezzo/alto chest range (Carries close harmony)

THE VISITOR – 40’S – A mysterious figure who never speaks. An actor with powerful eyes and a strong sense of his body.


SGMT AUDITIONS: The audition is one of the most important processes in any theater organization as great productions start with great performers. Our goal is to find the performers who best fit the requirements of each role and can take direction in order to deliver their best possible performance on stage. Here are a few reasons why you should consider auditioning for an SGMT show:

1. SGMT auditions are truly “open auditions.” Other organizations both professional and non-professional are looking for equity-actors, performers with long resumes, and even engage in recruiting in-house stock companies or pre-casting. SGMT is one of the few theaters in southern Utah that conducts true open auditions to any and all parties who are interested. We also have strict policies regarding production team auditors and auditioners to avoid any conflict of interest.

2. SGMT performers are all equal. All performers at SGMT donate their time and talent and yet we continually get exceptionally dedicated individuals because of the fun, professional and family environment we try to create and maintain.

3. SGMT demands high standards. We understand that great theater is not easy. Just because we are a “community theater” doesn’t mean that we can’t set high standards for ourselves and we know that our performers will have the best experience when excellence is demanded in rehearsal and on-stage. Many of our SGMT alumni over the past 20 years have gone on to amazing professional careers in theater and they often attribute their passion and exceptional craft to what they learned at SGMT.

4. SGMT strives to develop and nurture talent. Everyone who loves performing had to start somewhere and we want to provide opportunities for performers at all levels of skill and experience. In our intimate “theater-in-the-round” there truly are no “small roles.” Every cast member is important! What are you waiting for? SGMT needs YOU!