The King & I – Cast List

Captain Orton – Brent Palmer

Louis Leonowens –  Cai Klomp / Eric Davis (understudy)

Anna Leonowens –  Rachel Cox / Shannon Klomp (understudy)

The Kralahome – John Dearing

The King –  Dan Workman

Lun Tha –  Jens Miner

Tuptim – Alissa Mayer \  Michaelah Ort (understudy)

Lady Thiang – Charisma Pinna \ Katherine Wood (doubled)

Prince Chululongkorn – Ezekiel Weir / Jacob Cumming (understudy)

Sir Edward Ramsay – Mark Evertsen

Princes and Princesses  Princes: Gabe Palmer, Luo Qian Duo, Rayson Frisbee,

Benson Cox, Blake Henderson, James Tsosie, Mikal Tsosie

Princesses: Ashlyn Holt, Natalia Palmer, Rachel Frisbee,

Bella Bang, Samantha Cumming, Kelsey Bowler, Saia Lister

Sienna Romney, Faith Olsen, Aria Olsen

Royal Wives of the King – Li Jing, Mary Steed, Andrea Palmer, Lisa Higbee, Kat Schroeder,

Elizabeth Riddle, Chastalynn Chamberlain, Kristi Hafen, Chelsea Olsen, Amy Olsen

Royal Dancers (Ballet) –  Kat Schroeder, Jacob Merrill, Shastalynn Chamberlain, Sai Lister,                                                                                        Ezekiel Weir, Tiago Weir, Porter Olsen, Elizabeth Ridell, Sloan Griffith

(Specific Characters will be cast during rehearsals)

Courtiers of the King –  Porter Olsen, Jacob Merrill, Brent Palmer, Jayden Tullis, Jacob Bastian, Tiago Weir         (These will portray, guards, interpreter Buddist Monks, Phra Alack (Kings Assistant) etc., etc., etc.)

Thank you all for wonderful auditions and for trusting us with your lives!

First Cast Meeting Monday, October 22nd 6:30 P.M. at the Social Hall


SGMT AUDITIONS: The audition is one of the most important processes in any theater organization as great productions start with great performers. Our goal is to find the performers who best fit the requirements of each role and can take direction in order to deliver their best possible performance on stage. Here are a few reasons why you should consider auditioning for an SGMT show:

1. SGMT auditions are truly “open auditions.” Other organizations both professional and non-professional are looking for equity-actors, performers with long resumes, and even engage in recruiting in-house stock companies or pre-casting. SGMT is one of the few theaters in southern Utah that conducts true open auditions to any and all parties who are interested. We also have strict policies regarding production team auditors and auditioners to avoid any conflict of interest.

2. SGMT performers are all equal. All performers at SGMT donate their time and talent and yet we continually get exceptionally dedicated individuals because of the fun, professional and family environment we try to create and maintain.

3. SGMT demands high standards. We understand that great theater is not easy. Just because we are a “community theater” doesn’t mean that we can’t set high standards for ourselves and we know that our performers will have the best experience when excellence is demanded in rehearsal and on-stage. Many of our SGMT alumni over the past 20 years have gone on to amazing professional careers in theater and they often attribute their passion and exceptional craft to what they learned at SGMT.

4. SGMT strives to develop and nurture talent. Everyone who loves performing had to start somewhere and we want to provide opportunities for performers at all levels of skill and experience. In our intimate “theater-in-the-round” there truly are no “small roles.” Every cast member is important! What are you waiting for? SGMT needs YOU!