Mission Statement


The arts humanize humanity. St. George Musical Theater creates, promotes and encourages community participation in performing arts that uplift, inspire and educate thereby increasing understanding, brotherhood, and joy in our community.


It is SGMT’s belief that properly pursued performing arts can uplift and ennoble mankind. It is our goal to make available to all members of the community (regardless of ability to pay) quality, wholesome, family oriented entertainment that will not only amuse but teach, inspire and enrich individual lives. It is SGMT’s desire to provide a sanctuary for all-including those who don’t “fit” in our sometimes closed, survival-of-the-fittest society.


It is SGMT’s aspiration to work jointly with the city officials, our community and other arts organizations to provide perpetual premier performing arts that span generations, bringing together young and old. We envision a performing art center where SGMT can provide education and training in dance, voice, and musical theater. We envision our program growing in popularity and expanding in physical facility ultimately culminating in a state-of-the-art theater-in-the-round performing arts complex located on grounds enhanced with gardens and fountains, which refresh, inspire, and bring peace to the soul. We envision SGMT becoming a premier employer in our community providing career opportunities in the arts. We envision SGMT remaining a viable entity – financially solvent and intelligently governed – endowed sufficiently to insure its continuity and longevity.


Educate and promote community interest in live theater.
Educate the youth of our community to the value of performing arts in their lives.
Provide opportunity for community members to express and share their artistic talents.
Provide venue where community members can volunteer and provide valuable community service in the arts.
Provide affordable, quality, family oriented live entertainment in southern Utah
Provide a safe family-like environment that embraces all community members regardless of age, sex, race or religion creating a sense of camaraderie, understanding, joy, and unity.